Friday, March 30, 2007

C'est comme l'oiseau...

Le gros Airbus A380 en final sur l'aéroport de Washington. De plus je vous invite à visitier une très belle gallerie Picasa ici.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pas de joints pendant Pessah

N'ayant jamais gouté à quelques drogues que ce soit j'ai trouvé cet article très sympathique. Ce matin dans le New York Times quelques lignes pour dire que le parti politique Israèlien 'de la feuille verte' LOL a sorti un communiqué dans lequel il indique que le cannabis n'est pas casher pour Pessah. INCROYABLE!!

New York Times

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Le petit chaperon ROUGE

Il vient de sortir - je le veux!! Devenu depuis quelques mois un fan de BlackBerry je viens de découvrir ici qu'il sortait en (RED) chez Cingular.

RIM le fabricant BlackBerry est en vogue. Plusieurs nouveaux modèles en cours de lancement - le 8800 remplacant du 8700. Mais cet appareil n'a aucune fonction nouvelle intéressante - juste le lecteur mulitmedia déjà disponible sur le Pearl - et surtout il n'a pas d'APN.

Le 8300 qui devrait sortir courant Mai aux Etats-Unis est lui le Nokia killer. WiFi, APN 2.0Mega pixels, et clavier complet.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

La BlackBerry mania

Je viens de tomber sur un article très drole écrit par la femme d'un accroc du BlackBerry.

Breaking the BlackBerry addiction
By Katie Herrick
The Nest

As the wife of a BlackBerry addict, I tried three ways to wean my husband off his new mate. See how we reconnected.

My husband is addicted to his BlackBerry. He uses it while he drives, while he watches TV and, worst of all, while I'm talking. And believe me, he is no multitasker. The other morning I woke up thinking there was a mouse nibbling on something, but it was just my husband sending e-mails from bed. Funny, yes. Could I let it continue? No.

Not wanting to harm my husband's career (after all, that's what this thing is for), he and I came up with three ways to limit his CrackBerry addiction. Then we put each one to the test.



This was suggested by many couples as the perfect solution (one even named her husband's BlackBerry Rochelle, since it has unfortunately become his "other woman"). I felt this was too easy. Hubby can fall asleep before I even turn off the light, so he was able to check his late-night emails, put BB in the living room, and fall asleep without thinking twice about his phone not being by his side. Did I wake up to tapping and clicking? Nope, the radio alarm was music to my ears. But this method did stall our getting-ready-for-work routine because Hubby now had to read his early-morning messages in the living room before getting in the shower.

• The verdict: This helped, but not enough. I was still cuddling with Hubby and BB on the couch at night.


Suggested by my husband, this plan was that he would put BB on the bookshelf by the entryway (of our 450-square-foot apartment) so that he wouldn't be distracted by the red flashing light that indicates an incoming message. He seemed able to let go pretty easily. Then I noticed something strange: He was really antsy and always pacing. He was checking the closets for things, going to the kitchen, looking at our bookcase. Ah-ha! Every stroll around the apartment gave him a chance to check BB.

• The verdict: This was a great start, and it's a solution I could live with. I think it would have worked better in a bigger apartment.


I don't like the idea of being a drill sergeant for my husband. I'm not a neat freak. I don't consider myself incredibly needy. But I do like some one-on-one time. Even if we're watching TV together, it's nice to share something that's funny ... and not have to repeat it to a distracted husband who was typing an e-mail (or worse, trying to beat his record at BrickBreaker, the silly game that comes standard on BlackBerries).

I got this idea from a woman who said she had designated non-BlackBerry hours for her husband, where his system is actually turned off. But since we don't have a land-line, and this is the only way to contact him, that wasn't possible for us. We decided that 8 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. would be our non-BB time, except for important phone calls (meaning parents, friends or work). And if I'm on the phone, it's a-OK for him to type away. At home, BB could be checked about every three hours (nothing too rigid formatted, but in that general time frame).

• The verdict: This was a little harder. Not having his phone with him at all times, Hubby went through a bit of withdrawal, and BB would occasionally end up forgotten on the coffee table out of habit (and left there out of my laziness). As time passed, it was great. He would check his phone only before dinner and then again before bed. But every once in a while, I'd see him sneaking in a game of BrickBreaker, especially on shopping trips with me - but maybe that's a reason to keep this thing around!


The best idea was designated hours, but the real benefit of this experiment was talking openly about Hubby's CrackBerry addiction. I used to just roll my eyes or make a joke attempting to let him know how much it irritated me. But after we talked about fixing the problem, he suddenly realized it was a problem. I might not have completely gotten rid of the third member of our marriage, but at least I don't have to eat or sleep with it anymore.

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