Friday, June 22, 2007

LinkedIn power!!

I have been a member of LinkedIn for a long time but never put any attention to it. Another networking service...until my new web-friend Pat sent me a LinkedIn invitation to join his network.
I had a couple of connections from the old days in April. Today over 40 50 new connections!!
Mostly in my field - mobile/wireless telecommunication. I had few good contacts and everyone seems to have something interesting to say.
LinkedIn can be very useful when seeking new ressources. We are currently working with an independent contractor found on my network. You can also use LinkedIn to promote your company/products.
After all networking is not a bad thing eventhough its time consuming. Some people just add new connection to beat the system and be in top linked members. Can be an ego problem...check with your shrink!
Anyway if you think we have some common matters you can send me add me to your network.

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