Friday, July 20, 2007

My last HP

My last HP
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I am surprised and disappointed to see that HP printers are really becoming a piece of crap.

First of all it's all cheap plastic, USB cable is not included, ink cartridges are only for few prints.

But worse is that my brand new All in One 5610 is not 'finished'.

I tried to put ink cartridges into printer when I found out a piece is missing. Not a small tiny piece but a major piece that holds and control cartridges.

Don't they know about quality control?

Now I have to bring it back, wait for a replacement, be happy if they change it quickly and not to expect any possible upgrade...

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bOK Team. said...

I agree with HPs being crappy lately... The last printer I bought came with only 1 cartridge! I've been buying printers for the past 15 years and I've always been getting 2. This time, there was only 1 in the box... I thought it was a mistake so I checked the box... and the box in the fine print said that it only included one cartridge... I was fairly mad... but then I realized that they only included a color cartridge... that mad me more dissapointed... HP knows that if they only give you a color cartridge, you will go and buy a black one... but, if they only give you a black one, you may not buy a color one... I really don't like these tactics :(