Friday, August 17, 2007

FaceBook vs. Blogs

I posted a question on FaceBook "Are FaceBook and Twitter blog killers??"

Here are the anwers:

Jeremie Berrebi
Twitter perhaps...But Facebook..not at all !

Aydin Mirzaee
Not yet... you can't easily search for written content on Facebook whereas blogs are very well indexed...

Baptiste Snaet
No, Twitter and facebook are no blog. This is not the same. like TV and Internet

Fidji SIMO
All articles these days seem to prove so, but it is not my case: I use Twitter to share interesting links or concepts which are not worth a long article, and keep quality content and analysis for my blog.

Pat Phelan
Absolutely but their first kill was linkedin, I am using it less and less now. Am I blogging less due to Facebook and Twitter? no but my information for blogs are certainly better informed.

Jean-Dimitri Dewavrin
I think FaceBook, Twitter and Blog are complementary. Each are his specifity. Facebook is an all-in-one plateform. Twitter is easy and funny. Blog is a own tool, i mean something personal.

Suzanne Bowen
My own URL points to my blogger blog, feels more personal; all can access w/o having to be Blogger members. My blog posts are fed to Facebook anyways. I and my "potential audience" will use what is most convenient/rewarding at any given point in time.

Jobic De Calan
I think Facebook and blogs are two different tools and they will flourish independently.

Leigh Fatzinger
I think Facebook is a Twitter killer - why use multiple apps when you can have this information on one profile, and at one single access point? However, blogs have so many facets, and so many uses, I don't think the platform will overtake the blog.

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Here is the (may be) blog killer :