Tuesday, May 20, 2008

CelTrek now advertising on National TV

I worked hard to bring my company to where it is now. After a successful reverse merge last year we have now gone mass market. This first TV and Newspapers campaign is to alert consumer of alternatives to their actual cellphone provider. We - at Global Roaming- offer a better product than T-Mobile and ATT for travelers. You keep your local phone number, travel the world and pay about 90% less than with your actual carrier.

It was not simple to define an ad for us. Final result is very educational. I like it. For sure next round of ads will be more artistic.

CelTrek - Global Roaming Distribution TV commercial.

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gregory said...

ha, an ad is easy! just show what i went through in four countries with two phones, four sim cards, everybody's rules about roaming being different, so even though i could, i couldn't, and that was in s.e. asia too, highly high tech....

and then the happy smiling guy with the martini in the top floor lounge with a call to his wife... hi dear, i miss you

cliche, i know...