Sunday, August 10, 2008

The one phone call I should have not picked up

I wanted to share a crazy story that happened to me last week. Around 1AM E.T. here in Miami - when my cell phone rang.

The dialog below is a fair reconstitution of the facts:

Me – Allo.

The Girl – hello
Me – who is this? Jenny?

The Girl – no. Who are you?

Me – allo. Is this a joke? Who is this?

The Girl – you don’t know me.

Me – Listen Lady, Its late, I’m tired and don’t have any time for this kind of BS
The Girl – Wait. Let me explain!! I don’t know who you are and you don’t know me but your number is not random it belongs to my husband.

Me – well obviously you dialed a wrong number as I AM NOT your husband.

The Girl – I know – my husband died in car crash last year. I keep hoping he will answer his phone. So I called!


Me – I’m sorry for your loss. But I don’t see how I can help you.

The Girl – can you tell me your name?

Me – Florian

The Girl – can I call you Tim?

Me – I feel very uncomfortable continuing this conversation. What happened to you is dramatic and you need to speak with someone that can help you. Myself I can’t do much.

The Girl – Thank you. You are very patient. It reminds me Tim.

Since then – I can’t sleep. Very disturbing phone call. I wish this girl a lot of strength to recover from her tragedy.

PS: One thing I learned - better not answer unknown calls in the middle of the night.


irishstu said...

That's very disturbing. It also sounds like the start of a french horror/thriller film.

Dan said...

I'd suggest getting in touch with the phone company, and getting them to trace/block the caller as a precaution.

It could be someone struggling with bereavement, or it could be the start of a scam attempt...

Ouriel Ohayon said...

the beginning of a great suspense movie

irishstu said...

I remembered the film that story kind of reminded me of

Florian SEROUSSI said...

I don't think it was a bad joke. Just someone very depressed.
Her number was in the caller ID. I saved the number just in case she calls again.