Monday, September 29, 2008

BlackBerry Storm - I want one!!

I love my iPhone but i'm not using it. For many reasons - 1) no push email not just Yahoo! - anyway who uses a yahoo! email for business?? 2) battery...OMG this is really bad on the iPhone + no additional batteries 3) keyboard. I can't type with one hand like on my Bold 4) flaws and upgrade on the iPhone are legend. Can someone tell many how many firmware update we went thru with Apple in 1 year??

BlackBerry is coming out with Storm- a killer device to be launched maybe as early as November by Verizon. Very bad news for ATT who is to release the Bold in the next days. RIM should be very careful not fooling around with carriers. US is not Canada. We have competition down here Mr BlackBerry - watch out!!

iPhone did boost creativity from phone manufacturers. Finally our devices are becoming smarter, lighter, sexier and affordable. I remember the old days when a Sony Ericsson P800 was around 1000 euros...BlackBerry is among first to fight back, Nokia should launch their 'Tube' early October and HTC Dream G1 publicly available by October 22nd.

Anyway I want a Storm although it doesn't solve the keyboard problem. But I'll get my Storm like I got the Bold and the iPhone. Part of the geek syndrome. So far best device I had was BB 8320. Not perfect but a solid 90/100.

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