Sunday, January 11, 2009

Palm Pre - One I'll be waiting for

I think this video gives a nice overview of what Palm Pre will offer soon. I really feel this device has all it takes to become a major hit.
Palm is the inventor of electronic agendas. They failed to move from handled devices to smartphones mostly due to a lack of vision. But they have the capacity to counter strike.
Apple iPhone has definitely brought new targets in term of customer satisfaction and slowly competition is catching up.
It will take few months before we can see Pre on shelves. Sprint might be a big winner and I'm sure they gave a fat check to Palm for this product exclusivity.

Things I like about the Pre:

Fast processor
Real Keyboard
Wireless wall charger [excellent news for the industry]
Palm compatible 3rd party software
Flash [incredible when we know how Apple failed to include it on iPhone]

And I also like the fact Bono [U2] is a major investor in Palm. Makes the Pre looks more human - less techy :)

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