Friday, May 29, 2009

Skype Beta for BlackBerry

I just got my hands on Skype official Beta for BlackBerry Storm.
It looks more like an Alpha then a Beta. First the app is not OTA and not packaged JAD. There are 2 files a .COD and an .ALX.
Both files are available for download here: DOWNLOAD INSTALL AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Once loaded through BlackBerry Desktop Manager you can add the application on your BlackBerry. I have tested with a Storm 9530 Verizon.
The icon is slick. Typical Skype logo.
To run the application you must disable compatibility mode in Options-->Advanced Options-->Applications-->Skype-->Menu [disable Compatibility Mode].
Say no: press P when prompted for update.

To navigate through options after you launch the application use:
O or Q to accept
P to decline
Space to open
You can scroll through touch screen but do not click and simply press A to option field.
Signin is quick. Contacts load rapidly.
Chat works perfectly and calling a contact using your Skype credit is flawless.
I didn't succeed to call a phone number yet because keyboard mapping is obviously not Storm ready.

Update: I have also tested on Bold running 4.6 and it works much better.

Here are the screenshots:


Anonymous said...

works on my Bold

Domonyi Károly said...

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Have a Great Day!

Karoly Domonyi
AriesTrade Network

yudi said...

hi, could you please help me how to move the cursor to the next field (i.e password?) i'm not able to move it, but succeed to put username....pls help!

malcom said...

It is impossible to move to the password field to type it!!!

Vikkie said...

Tried it on storm and Curve 8310, doesn't work. on the Curve it gave me invalid username.. what can I do?? :(

Anonymous said...

It works!

Used this on my storm, what i noticed though is if you make a new account they give you something like 10p worth of skype credit, so people can call your phone from skype...

but after that people can't call your phone, but you can call out, it dials some weird number then boom skype on the desktop flashes.

highly impressed.