Monday, June 30, 2008

Why Sprint don't get it!

It's wrong to buy your videos.

First of all they are going to get millions of wackos trying to kill themselves to produce the *best* video. Second because sharing IS NOT about money.

Sprint don't seem to understand anything in Social Media. Nada.

Do they actually have a CMO - Marketing officer?? Who came up with such a stupid idea?
They should open a channel on YouTube and simply ask people to send their videos there.
Public - you and me- would vote for the best video. No money involved, interesting content would received more viewers and everyone is happy.

Paying mass content is wrong.

If they want a state of art mobile video - they should ask Steven Spielberg or Georges Lucas and pay the price.
My friends at must really laugh at Sprint now. They get hundreds of real time videos on their website and they don't even pay them a dime. In fact I'm pretty sure few users would pay for a premium service offering nice placement, high bandwidth and HD resolution.
Sprint is also wrong to use a SAMSUNG in their ad. SAMSUNG is to video what Sprint is to Telecom. A bad product based on a bad technology. CDMA...pffff

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