Saturday, July 26, 2008



A bad news to break? You need to confirm a meeting but don't want to start a 45 min conversation? Slydial is the best solution - a free voice messaging service called that connects you directly to someone's voicemail so you can actually leave a message.
You just need to sign up for the service—free with ads tacked on, paid to skip them—and dial 267-SLYDIAL to leave a pre-saved contact or any phone number voicemail without their phone actually ringing. If you know someone's busy and want to leave a note for later, or you're just running short on time and can't afford a back-and-forth, SlyDial's a pretty handy service (especially if you pay to skip a 30-second ad).


Best mobile service add-on. I’ve been testing the YouMail voicemail service as a replacement to the standard, boring mailbox that comes standard with all mobile phone plans. So far, I am impressed. It’s good and free.
The most compelling features are the text message and email notification options. YouMail will text message you info about the caller, their carrier, and location even if they do not leave message. The option to receive voice mails as email attachments is great for archival and review. I have an unlimited data plan which allows me to retrieve new voicemails without wasting my peak minutes. You also have the possibility to block some callers to leave you voice mail - so useful to avoid automated phone calls.

I have been using visual voice mail for over 2 years thru Spinvox. YouMail is 3 steps ahead of their competition because :

2- Notification of missed calls with carrier, location, and caller ID
3- Different greetings for different callers
4- Excellent speech to text engine
5- FAST.

Voicemail is definitely not dead!!

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