Tuesday, November 18, 2008

3 Free must have apps for BlackBerry

There are 3 applications you must have on your BlackBerry. And best there are FREE.

BerrySpeedy: BerrySpeedy is a free app that acts as a speed test for your BlackBerrys internet connection.

OTA Download: http://ota.deltatech.com.mx/

CaptureIt: It is a simple screen capture utility for Blackberry devices with 4.3 or higher. You simple assign the the application to a Blackberry connivence key, and press the key on the screen of your choice. this is very useful for tutorials, or just to capture you call log.

OTA Download: http://www.thetechmogul.com/CaptureIt/CaptureIt.jad

TinyLock: TinyLock is a small utility for BlackBerry, lock the BlackBerry keyboard when the backlight turns off. You can customize it as you wish. Saves your battery and accidental calls.

OTA Download: http://www.handrapid.com/download/tinylock.jad

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