Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I love this Motrin ad

I know a lot of moms didn't like the idea of this commercial but I really don't see anything wrong with the ad.
In my opinion we only hear moms that didn't like it - so I assume all the other ones were not opposed to it. That makes a lot of moms and Motrin should not have pulled it off.
What about dads and back pain?? Motrin you should make the same commercial with dads instead of moms. Men are usually more open moms than most moms :)
As often Loren Feldman made some good points in this videocast. Not exactly vocabulary I'd be using on my blog but his analysis is valid!
I hope this will not stop Motrin from trying to be innovative in their ads.

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jackie said...

Good lesson here for how marketing can make messes which have to be cleaned up by communications - especially in a large, unwieldy, agency-heavy corporation.