Monday, December 17, 2007

Adding miles every day....

Pat just wrote a great post on our latest travel. This year has been extremely busy both in the US and elsewhere.

Counting my trips to Europe I noticed that I was in Paris 17 times and 5 times in London. Also visited during my trips in Europe: Zurich, Bologna, Madrid, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Milano.

In the US I was in New-York several times, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Cincinnati, Boston, Seattle and Atlanta. Canada few times Ottawa and Vancouver.

Fortunately no trips to China, India or Africa. 3 trips in Israel to add to the list.

My wife is very supportive, and even though this life is not easy with babies at home she helps me on every count. Big thanks to her.

All those trips have a purpose as Pat mentioned. We try to build a brand and more over to ‘educate’ our market. Customers have been paying huge roaming bills for so long that they doubt we can provide a good alternative solution. And we do and we want to shout it out.

Roaming bills are not a fatality. You can choose not to pay $3 or $4 per minute when you travel. You can keep your phone number, answer every call, pay as you go and get a local number whenever you need to with calls starting at $0.19cts.

Yes – we have the solution and we will keep spreading the good word out. We need 10 minutes with each customer…we have time.

As some of you know Global Roaming Distribution Inc went recently public on American Stock Market. I want to thank all of those who are customers and enjoy low cost roaming. As I often say – Global Roaming Inc. is the Jet Blue of Telecom. Same service for less money.

Hope to see you soon again on the road. If you wish to try our SIM you can check

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